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What matters to us 

Our Values

At Cascadia Air, we believe our most valuable asset is our employees. We support a culture of absolute transparency, teamwork, and individual accountability.


More importantly, we are mindful of continuously improving our company to foster a vibrant work environment that is energetic, positive, fun, and where all people are equally treated with dignity and respect.

We encourage personal growth and professional excellence. We seek to hire the most talented individuals and reward them for their initiative, contributions, and achievements accomplished in our workplace. 

You invest time and loyalty in us, we invest in you in return

Our Offer

Join our Skyrider Team

If you are a self-motivated professional looking to be part of a fast-paced, dynamic culture, in the commercial aviation industry, we want to hear from you. Please submit your cover letter and resume to

We offer very competitive benefits packages for all of our employees, including:  

  • Continued Pilot Training

  • Subsidized Education

  • Childcare and Daycare

  • Medical and Dental benefits

  • Extended Insurance benefits

  • Qualified Stock Options plan

We are proud supporters of Veterans in Transition and related employment programs. 

Cascadia Air supporting in transition Veteran employment initiatives
Cascadia Air supporting in transition Veteran employment initiatives

We contribute back to our valued communities


Our communities of British Columbia are the heart of our business. Our goal is to grow and develop long term relationships with our customers, and to give back to our communities by serving them. This is our commitment.


We want to contribute to all areas of education, performing arts, sports sponsorships, entrepreneurial programs, economic development, and other initiatives that grow and benefit communities.

We are interested in hearing about your community initiatives and discussing how we might contribute. 

Acting on plans today for a better tomorrow


British Columbia is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. It is the home of our business and to many of our employees, customers, and their families.


We believe it is our responsibility as an organization to be accountable in what we do to contribute to the environmental protection, sustainability, and preservation of the natural wonders found in our home for future generations. 


We have created a five-year environmental commitment plan with our employees and partners on achieving specific results as part of our social responsibility contributions to our home.

Children in the Garden

Environmental Commitment  

  • Our corporate culture instills the use of environmentally friendly materials, and improve better energy-efficient practices. 

  • Our goal is to eliminate the consumption of materials in our workplace that may produce environmentally harmful waste within the next five years.


  • Aircraft acquired from our manufacturers within the next ten years will have features to help reduce harmful emissions, or assist in producing better energy efficiencies.


  • We encourage all of our employees to drive internal and external initiatives as part of their performance goals to create a much better environmentally efficient workplace.

  • We support and encourage our communities with their conservation and sustainability programs that include investing in entrepreneurs that drive innovations focused on reducing harmful impacts on our environment.

If you would like to learn more about our environmental practices and innovation programs, please contact us

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