Priority Travel

  • Essential Services Personnel

  • Government Personnel

We provide air transportation of Provincial and Federal government persons and Essential Services Personnel throughout our Service Areas of Vancouver Island, Lower Mainland, and Interior British Columbia.

This is a priority air mobilization service for government-employed persons and qualified essential services personnel as categorized under the recent BC definitions of essential services. There are no minimum passenger requirements.


Priority Travelers use a different aircraft than ones used by First Responders for safety and containment purposes. If you require priority to travel, please complete the details of our Priority Travel form. We will respond by email, followed by a call from one of our flight service operators.

We have modified our aircraft seating capacity to carry a maximum of 6 passengers to provide more distance as part of our health and safety practices and allows for additional carry on cargo. You will be asked to provide details about your specific luggage and any carryon equipment requirements during your discussion with our flight operators. Additional larger capacity aircraft can be made available upon request.

​Once we have your organization and identification on file, subsequent service requests can be made by calling 1.800.760.6599 (EXT 103) or by email at


Please have your name, organization, and READY BC service ID number before each call or when leaving a message or sending an email. This will allow us to assist you faster and more efficiently.  

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