Essential Supplies

  • Medical & Related Supplies

  • Clinical & Hospital Equipment

  • Sanitization & Safety Supplies

We are providing air transport services of essential safety, medical and other related supplies or equipment throughout our Service Areas of Vancouver Island, Lower Mainland, and Interior British Columbia. Due to the current high priority needs of these supplies, and to control potential surface area contamination, we do not accept any other cargo for delivery at this time.

If you are a supplier needing immediate delivery of these supplies, please complete our Supply Transport request form. We will respond via email, followed by a call from one of our logistics operators.

Certain supplies or equipment might not be transportable by air or restricted from air transport according to Transport Canada and BC Regulations. Details of your intended cargo will allow us to better assist you with the most efficient methods of delivering these supplies to your customers.

We have dedicated specific aircraft to carry these supplies with up to 2,500 lbs of cargo capacity. These planes are not used for passenger activities and thoroughly cleaned before and after each flight as part of our health and safety practices. Additional larger capacity aircraft can be made available upon request.

Once we have your organization on file, subsequent service requests can be made by calling 1.800.304.0599 (EXT 102) or emailing us at   

Please have your name, organization, and READY BC service ID number before each call or when leaving a message or sending an email. This will allow us to assist you faster and more efficiently.  

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