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SkyStation Meetup areas for Abbotsford (YXX) and Chilliwack (YCW)

SkyStations are meetup areas in certain airports where Cascadia passengers gather prior to their flight and are met by our aircrew just before their departure. Typically, these meetup areas are sent to your mobile phone or computer, as part of your confirmation and reservation number upon purchasing a ticket. More information on our SkyStations is found in our Service Policies.

However, due to the unfortunate Lower Mainland Flood crisis, we've been inundated with inquiries from displaced families and individuals wanting flights to and from Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Penticton, and Vancouver South Terminal. As a result, we've also had people appearing at airports looking for our airline's presence.

For the next while, we are providing volunteer personnel at these SkyStations to assist individuals and families with their flight needs. We appreciate your patience as we attempt to serve everyone as best we can. You can reach out to us via our 1.888.607.0055 ext 405 Customer Service line, or via social media. We respond to each inquiry on a person-to-person basis.

If you are at Abbotsford or Chilliwack and may look for assistance, our meetup areas for our SkyStations are found below:

For Abbotsford International Airport (YXX)

For Chilliwack BC Airport (YCW)


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