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Community partnerships in food and beverages for our customers.

January 28, 2021

We’re pleased to announce our community partnerships with Fuel Up Café, a local restaurant/cafe located at the Campbell River Airport, and Runway Café, a local restaurant/café located at Pitt Meadows Airport. These community partnerships will provide complimentary meals to passengers waiting for their flight or when our passengers have landed at either airport.

We will also provide complimentary beverages and snacks to our passengers from our private waiting lounge located at Pitt Meadows and Campbell River Airport. As more recent restrictions are imposed on travel, typical amenities such as food and beverage services are also becoming difficult to find at airports because those services find it challenging to stay open under such uncertain economic conditions.

“Our focus hasn’t changed since last year. We continue to develop economic initiatives that will help and support each other as local businesses and our community. We’re seeing a steady growth in local travel since July 2020, and mostly from business commuters who would rather take a short commuter flight than spend half a day on a long ferry or car ride. We’re going to continue adding more customer-first services with local partnerships as we grow in 2021,” said Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer Jeremy Barrett.

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