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In February, before significant business, travel, and border shutdowns began, we decided to forego the official launch of our commercial air-taxi commuter services.

Instead, we started planning and repurposing our flight operations, personnel, and aircraft to assist with the air delivery of essential services personnel, medical staff, and related supplies to towns and smaller communities throughout BC.

As this crisis unfolded, we began implementing a clean work-place practice to create a safer environment for our people, and have instilled those practices to all of our personnel before they arrive to work each day.

To continue with our safety practices, all of our planned flights with essential services personnel will be limited to 60% of our aircraft seating capacity to provide additional seating distance for passengers. Each of our passengers will be required to follow our health and safety practices as described on our site.

With over three decades of general aviation, medical, air ambulance, and crisis management experience by most of our senior management and staff, the collective decision to implement these initiatives to help our BC communities, was an easy one to make. Our organization has the strength and capabilities to deploy these air operations and assistance programs successfully to support our communities during these challenging times.

We are committed to staying operational to provide these services for as long as we can. Also, we plan to work with other smaller air carriers and other community partners with the hope of providing a more timely and broader service to our surrounding BC communities.

COVID-19 is a global crisis with an unprecedented impact on all of us. This is a time where all of us need to step up and help others however we can to contribute our resources, skills, and extend goodwill more than ever, for the benefit of everyone. We are here to help the people in our BC communities, and we will all get through these challenging times together.

We have updated our site to provide all of you with more information on these services.

Stay safe, strong and wishing all people of BC the best,

From the Cascadia Air Team

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